Custom Timber Windows can make like for like replacements or to your drawings and specifications. Most customers choose our standard range of designs and options. Specifications and drawings are available on request.


All products are made from traditional pine or oak as standard. Both are similar in terms of properties and performance. For appearance, oak is better suited to staining and pine to painting but modern finishes are designed for both. Windows and doors are factory finished, painted glazed and are delivered ready to fit


  • Engineered wood for maximum performance and durability
  • European oak cills
  • White painted satin finish pine
  • High performance micro-porous three coat acrylic paint system
  • Paint is factory sprayed and hand finished
  • Horns included
  • Mitred beads for traditional appearance
  • 4-16-4 glazed, argon filled
  • Pilkington K Glass or St Gobain equivalent
  • Energy Rating Low E/16arg/4/Ug = 1.1
  • Traditional box frame vertical sliding sash with lead weights, rope and pulleys
  • Lift handles and central ring together with locking fitch fasteners on sash windows
  • Ironmongery is usually solid brass or chrome


  • Engineered wood for appearance, maximum performance and durability
  • Painted or stained finishes
  • Includes door frame for an easy, perfect fit
  • Traditional lock and hinge design

Custom Timber Windows products carry a CE mark and comply with EU directives, standards and UK building regulations.

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